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There are various levels of Attendance Monitoring meetings that you may be invited in for. We understand that they can be confusing with their different names and reasons so we have written this short blog in the hope of making everything clearer for you.

If you are concerned about your attendance, or would like to discuss support available to you please contact either the Attendance Monitoring team on, or the Student Guidance & Support Office on

 The Different Meetings

If you attendance has become a cause for concern- you will be invited in for an attendance meeting. There are three different meetings; Informal Attendance Meeting, Dean’s Meeting, or Spot Check Discrepancy Hearing.

Informal Meeting

These meetings are arranged when the Attendance Monitoring team become concerned for you based on your high level of Authorised Absences (when you report absences via the student portal).

The meeting will be with the Student Guidance and Support Officer, and the focus will be on ensuring that you are aware of all the support available to you at the University and helping you to keep on track and engage fully with your studies and University life. If you fail to attend the meeting, it will be noted on your attendance record and the attendance monitoring team, your course leader and personal tutor will be informed of your failure to engage with the support services.

 Dean’s Meeting

If you attendance has dropped to an unacceptable level, and you’ve not responded to the numerous emails and texts sent about your attendance you will invited in for a Dean’s meeting to discuss your attendance. This will be a formal meeting held by either the Dean, or the Dean’s nominee and your attendance is compulsory. Students who do not attend it will face withdrawal from their course.

In the meeting you will discuss reasons for your poor attendance, and then agree a plan for improvement that both you and the Dean/Dean’s nominee will sign. It’s important that you inform the School of anything that maybe be having an impact on your studies in order for us to ensure the appropriate support is made available to you.

 What will happen after the Dean’s meeting?

After the meeting your attendance will continue to be monitored closely and you will be expected to improve their attendance over the following weeks after the Dean’s meeting. Failure to do so could result in you being withdrawn from your course without another chance to explain yourself.

It is vital that you ensure you fully understand what is expected of you in the meeting. You will be emailed a copy of the notes taken during the meeting so that you can refer to the expectations written if required- these notes will also be shared with the Attendance Monitoring team, your Personal tutor and your Course Leader as well as being put on your student attendance file for safe keeping.

 Spot Check Discrepancy Hearing

What is a Spot Check Discrepancy?

As part of the Attendance Monitoring Policy that all students are expected to adhere to, the University carries out spot checks to ensure that students are not only turning up to their timetabled sessions, but also staying for the full session without leaving early or swiping in for their friend.

A Spot Check Discrepancy is when you have swiped in to record your attendance, however when a hand written register is taken by the tutor your signature is not on the form.

The Attendance Monitoring team will record spot check discrepancies in the Attendance Monitoring Database, via the associated ‘flag’.  All flagged students will be issued with a standard cautionary email for their first offense advising that if it happens again the student will be required to attend a School Disciplinary hearing.

School Disciplinary Hearing is the most formal out of all the attendance monitoring meetings, this meeting will have a panel and you will be asked to confirm your attendance, and presence of a support (if you would like one) before the meeting.

The Panel consists of 2 staff members (one from the School and one from the Students’ Union) and a note taker. This meeting follows a formal process- the School will present the case against you and then you’ll be invited to present your case. The panel will ask to see evidence to support your case and you may be asked questions by the panel to clarify your statement and the panel’s understanding. Please note: being present and forgetting to sign is not an excuse!

After the meeting the panel will come to a decision and you will be in informed in writing- the possible outcomes are;

  • A written caution
  • A fine of £100
  • The case is referred to the University level hearing

 If you are identified as absent from a class register for a third time, having swiped into the class and having already attended a School level disciplinary hearing, they will be invited to a University level disciplinary hearing*.

*If invited in for University Level disciplinary hearing, we would recommend that you go and speak the Students’ Union Advice Centre and they should be able to advise you on the procedure.



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