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Why do I have to swipe in? How do I do it?

All students at the University are expected to attend all their timetabled sessions and to be available during all term time weeks. The University has an Attendance Monitoring Policy in place and students are encouraged to ensure that they have read and understood it fully.

The University believes that high attendance correlates with better engagement and success on a course. Therefore by ensuring that you are attending your sessions, you are giving yourself a better chance of doing well in your degree.

Each room you will be taught in will have a small black box on its wall- normally near the door. We call these the ‘readers’ and you’ll need to place your student id card on this device to register your attendance, or ‘swipe in’.

If you swipe your attendance at a class please do make sure that you notify the tutor if you need to leave before the end of the class.  Spot checks on attendance are carried out and discrepancies between the record of those swiped as present and those actually present at the time of the check may result in disciplinary action.

Student Card Reader

Card Reader for swiping your attendance.
Image by Student Support used under CC License.

 How do I check my attendance? What does it mean?

If you log on to the Student Portal

Student Portal Login

Student Portal Login

Once you are in the Student Portal, you’ll be able to see your attendance on the right hand side, under the “Email: Your Inbox” section.

Here you’ll be able to see how your attendance is in the form of a percentage, and also report any absences. If you attendance is showing at 95% this will mean that you have been attending 95% of your timetabled sessions, and you’ve been absent for the other 5%. Students should aim to have at least 80% attendance.

Attendance on portal

Attendance on Student Portal

 How do I tell the School that I can’t come attend today?

Students are advised to use the self-reporting function on the student portal (details of how to log in and find section above). You will need to click the appropriate session that you’ll be unable to attend and chose from the menu the reason for your absence. You can report an absence up to 24 hours after the missed session.

Attendance reporting on portalAttendance reporting on portal 2

If you are unable to report your absence this way – you will need to email the Attendance Monitoring Team on with your full name, student ID number and course, as well as your reason for absence.

Why can I no longer report my absences?

If your authorised absence percentage becomes very high, the self-report function will be removed from your student portal.

If you are going to continue to have any further absences, you will need to contact the Attendance Monitoring team to inform them of your reason for absence. Whilst any further absences during this time will not be classed as “Authorised Absence” until you are once again able to self- report yourself, the attendance monitoring team can add a note to your record to explain the absence.

Persistent authorised absentees will be required to provide evidence of their continued absences, and will also be required to meet with the Student Guidance Officer to ensure that they are going to be able to make up the work missed, and to discuss their options.

I am going to need a few days off due to a hospital appointment, what can I do?

If the above applied for you, please contact the Attendance Monitoring team to explain the situation and provide them with any evidence to support absences. The team will then be able to advise you on the process of recording your absences, and making sure the appropriate staff are aware so that you can keep on track with your studies when you return.

 Why am I being emailed about my attendance?

There are 3 reasons why you might start to receive emails about your attendance; your attendance drops below a certain point, your authorised absences are becoming a concern, or you’ve not attended any classes nor informed the School of your absences for 3+ days.

The emails you received are automated, and we have no way of stopping them going out to students.  Unfortunately these e-mails will continue to go out to students whose record show that their attendance has hit a trigger point. The only way to stop them is to attend fully and stop your attendance triggering the system.

If you have any concerns about the automated emails, or feel that you need to inform the School of why your attendance has suffered- you must not reply to the email you’ve been sent. It won’t go anywhere!!

You will need to email the Attendance Monitoring Team on stating your full name, student number and course in your contact to them.

 If your attendance doesn’t improve once you’ve started receiving these emails- it is likely that you will be invited in for a meeting to discuss your attendance.

 I have been invited in for an attendance meeting- what does this mean? (this links to another blog post)

What will happen after the meeting?  (this links to another blog post)

 I can’t go in tomorrow, should I give my friend my card to swipe?

Absolutely not! If you are found to be swiping in for another student who is not present, or signing the register for a student not present, both you and the other student will be referred to a University Disciplinary Panel hearing.

Please note: possible outcomes of a University Disciplinary Panel hearing include, a fine of up to £500 and/or permanent exclusion from the University.

If a friend asks you to swipe their card for them or to sign the register- Don’t! your place on your course is NOT worth it! 

Why do we sometimes have to sign a register after we have swiped in?

As part of the Attendance Monitoring Policy that all students are expected to adhere to, the University carries out spot checks to ensure that students are not only turning up to their timetabled sessions, but also staying for the full session without leaving early or swiping in for their friend.

 What’s a Spot Check Discrepancy?

A Spot Check Discrepancy is when you have swiped in to record your attendance, however when a hand written register is taken by the tutor your signature is not on the form.

The Attendance Monitoring team will record spot check discrepancies in the Attendance Monitoring Database, via the associated ‘flag’.  All flagged students will be issued with a standard cautionary email for their first offense advising that if it happens again the student will be required to attend a School Disciplinary hearing.

I’ve forgotten my card today, but I was present. What can I do?

Unfortunately you cannot be marked as attended without a valid electronic swipe on the system, as stated in Attendance Monitoring Policy, failure to bring/swipe your student ID card constitutes an absence.

However if you email the Attendance Monitoring team, they will make a note on your student record to show that you have contacted the School regarding this and to explain the circumstances.

Please ensure that you either have your card for the next timetabled session or that you have obtained a replacement from the iPoint team, this is your responsibility as stated in the University Regulations, you will continue to be marked as absent until you resume swiping in to your scheduled sessions.

 I attended my lecture today, but I swiped in late. My student portal says that I was absent. Is there a way that this can be changed?

If you contact the attendance monitoring team, and explain the time and room where the class took place- they may be able to search for a late swipe. If the swipe is found, the mark could be changed. If no swipe is found, your mark will not be changed.

In future, it is imperative you arrive on time to prevent your attendance percentage dropping.

 I’ve lost my card

Please ensure that you either have your card for the next timetabled session or that you have obtained a replacement from the iPoint team, this is your responsibility as stated in the University Regulations, you will continue to be marked as absent until you resume swiping in to your scheduled sessions.

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