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I know that when you return in January after a hectic and enjoyable first term, it can feel like you are starting University all over again afresh! 

So I’m posting this blog (taken from my induction talk in September) as a quick and handy re-fresher guide to the School of Applied Sciences and University Life!

blog post<——- just to remind you, this is me!

Katie Jeffrey- Student Guidance and Support Officer for the School of Applied Sciences! 

My contact details are as follows:
Phone: 01484 471037
In Person: West Building W2-16 (second floor, next to the lift!)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel that you may benefit from a meeting with me or if you feel that you might need a bit more support but are not sure what we can offer- no question too silly or small! It’s important that you inform the School of anything that maybe be having an impact on your studies in order for us to ensure the appropriate support is made available to you.  

Remember- I might get in touch with you if we are concerned about your attendance, wellbeing, studies or just think you might need a bit of support.

‘Attendance? What is all this stuff about my attendance??’ I hear you cry! Fear not- have a quick read of these two blog posts to refresh yourself with all things attendance: FAQs about Attendance and ‘I have been invited in to an attendance meeting, what does this mean?

‘Also, I have just looked at my timetable and I have no idea where I am going!’  Don’t panic- I have two blog posts that can help get you back up to speed! Understanding your timetable and ‘Where’s that place again?’

Don’t forget that you are always welcome to pop along to the following weekly events!
Tea @ 3 15_16 Tuesday Toast Club

Further details about who’s coming along this term are available on the blog posts: Tea @ 3 or Tuesday Toast Club 

Please don’t forget to find the School on Social Media:
Facebook Page: Huddersfieldscience
Twitter: @HudSAS
And this Blog! don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss anything important! 

From these sites you’ll also be able to find other University pages such as; Library Services, Wellbeing and Disability Services and the School’s International Student Society page!

Reminder of other places you can go for help:

Student Support Office/School Office: You can find the Student Support Office in Science Building X1-01. The team is on hand to help you with queries relating to, amongst other things, your modules, timetabling, attendance monitoring and academic record

Your Personal Tutor: Academic staff are available to talk through any problems you’re experiencing on your course.  You also have a personal tutor who you can talk to.  Details of who your personal tutor can be found on the Student Portal.  If you’re not sure, ask in your Student Support Office in X1-01

For more details of support available to you (including outside of the School) have a read of through this Support at University blog post

Have the best second term! Looking forward to seeing you for Tuesday Toast Club, or Tea@3 soon!

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