Our student reps each have a place on campus that they like to retreat to. We call these locations the Campus Hidden Gems. Some are places for studying while others are relaxed locations to play a game and catch up with friends. We've asked 5 reps (Sarah, Rachel, Kerri, Fahmida and Gemma) to share their personal Hidden Gem with you.

One of my favourite places on campus is the top room in the graphic design and animation studio (CAA2.04). This is where myself and a few friends, who share the love for a good game, come together to play cards at lunch/when need a break from the computers. There’s something great about having spaces like this in the studio, it just helps to take you out of the bubble you can make around yourself when working and enjoy your time together with other people. 

Campus Hidden Gems – by our Social Media Representatives

Come wind, rain or sunshine, my hidden gem isn’t exactly hidden. Actually, it’s probably one of the most noticeable and distinctive areas of the University. My favourite place is simple, I love walking alongside the canal the flows through the University. Even though it is physically not hidden, the meaning behind why people just take a step back from the business of life may be. For me, when it’s sunny I love to capture the beautiful reflections of our buildings upon the water’s surface. As well as this, when it’s raining there’s just something so peaceful and tranquil about watching raindrops fall. Therefore, the next time you feel a little overwhelmed with life, I recommend taking a minute or two to let your senses and thoughts drift slowly, just like our canal.

Picture by Sarah RichardsPhoto of the Huddersfield canal by Sarah Richards

Kerri Wynter

Music Journalism BA(Hons) – third year

Hi I’m Kerri. I am a creative and outgoing person, with a love for attending concerts, eating vegan junk food, and binge-watching Netflix. Studying at the University of Huddersfield has allowed me to excel as an individual and transform my passion into an exciting career prospect. I am currently on a placement year, working alongside a professional marketing team to create audio-visual and social media content.

The radio studios situated in the University of Huddersfield's Journalism and Media Building are one of my favourite things about campus. As a music journalism student, I am often using the studios to record radio shows and podcasts. Each studio is equipped with industry-standard technology, providing me with all the tools needed to excel in my degree.

radio studios

Fahmida Nisa

Fourth Year - BSc(Hons) Economics

I love to spend a lazy day in the flat, with fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and Netflix. To me many of the older buildings around Huddersfield look like they are straight out of Harry Potter!

My favourite place to go to in between classes is the third floor of Charles Sikes Building, formerly known as The Business School. I myself am a student from this school, so this floor is just easy to get to for me, when I have spare time. The reason I like it so much is because it is quiet and peaceful, with a large glass window overlooking the canal and the beautiful greenery that surrounds it. There is a big round workstation, just next to the window, where I either idly sit with a cup of hot chocolate, or on busier days, get on with my work in peace. The best thing about it is that I can look at the most beautiful part of the campus, see people pass by, but no one can easily spot me. It is more like a secret get away for a few minutes from a busy schedule to refuel, reenergise and get ready to take on another challenging and intense day as a final year Economics student.

third floor of Charles Sikes Building

I have a few favourite spots on campus, often nearby to one of the many great food outlets we have at Huds, but my favourite spot on campus has to be the garden near the ground floor of the Business School. During the warmer months it’s a lovely place to sit during breaks and it’s a real sun trap; and a great place to grab some scenic pictures of the Uni! The whole area near the canal is lovely, and I’ve always loved how green the campus is.

Business School garden

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