Hammad Haider

BA (Hons) Architecture

I’m Hammad Haider and I completed BA (Hons) Architecture from Huddersfield School of Art, Design & Architecture in 2020. I am currently on Placement year to further gain experience within the industry. I have always been interested in a career linked to the built environment and Architecture was an area that brought together many of my interests.

Architecture was a career pathway I have aimed to pursue from a young age, as it combines many things that I enjoy from its creative and experimental qualities to its more technical, social and historical considerations. After all, Architecture is ‘The Mother of All Arts’ (Frank Lloyd Wright).

Whilst applying to courses, the University of Huddersfield was an institution that stood out to me due to its practical campus layout, its close proximity to major northern powerhouses and having a fabulous course structure - not forgetting the amazing staff they have on board.

BA Architecture International Study trip 2020 – Malaysia and Singapore

As part of my degree course, we as a year group were given an opportunity to go on a final year international trip to Malaysia, which also included a short stay in Singapore. This trip was one aspect of the course that I had been looking forward to since starting at Huddersfield.

As the trip drew closer, we were introduced to our penultimate design project and briefed about what to expect there.

The project included designing for a site that would be located in another part of the world, and I found this to be the start of a new learning experience. Our journey started from Manchester Airport with a crossover in Doha (Qatar) and then on to Kuala Lumpur.

Our first few days involved getting ourselves familiar with the Malaysian city of Melaka, as well as immersing ourselves with the culture and tradition of Malaysia. We were asked to produce a group urban study report about the central zone of Melaka, from the elements of human settlement to the architectonics and attributes of the place.

Before starting on our individual site analysis, we were able to take a day trip to Kuala Lumpur where we visited the impressive Batu Caves and the towering Petronas Towers in the heart of the city.

Back in Melaka, we selected a suitable site for our upcoming project. The tutors went around with small groups of students and analysed each site proposal. We made the most of our time, using every hour to deeply record and observe the elements of the site and absorb the character of the place that would contribute to the final outcome of the study.

Architecture in Singapore

At the end of the trip, we flew to Singapore; the city of architectural extravagance that has transformed from a fishing town to a heaving metropolis in only 54 years’. These final three days of the trip involved sightseeing the architecture and prominent sites within the area. The visit was concluded with a tour of the National University of Singapore which ranks 8th in the world for architectural study.

My experience and skills learnt

Initially when starting this course, I had skills that weren’t completely oriented towards architectural practice. However, the first few semesters at University provided me with the essential building blocks that would pave the way for the upcoming design projects that I have worked on.

In my first year, I worked on improving my hand drawn skills and there was a period of sheer experimentation. In my second year, I found the ability to use CAD software was an essential, and then finally in my final year I built on my strengths to produce a final project that encapsulated all the skills that I absorbed on the course, hopefully enabling me to obtain a valuable work placement.

Along with the academic studies, the University encourages extra-curricular activities such as getting involved in the Architecture Society (UHAS). We were fortunate enough from 2018 to 2019 to receive the award for the Best Academic Society for our numerous guest lectures, social events and workshops, including a session from Alan Jones the President of the RIBA.

Why Huddersfield?

Architecture/Architecture (International) (RIBA Part 1) BA(Hons) here at Huddersfield enables you to develop a broad range of skills to equip you with the essential knowledge of architecture that will be of use in the workplace, and this is all a credit to the proactive staff that are here to support you at every stage. The learning environment within the institution inspires you to achieve your best.

From a student’s perspective, I would certainly recommend studying architecture at Huddersfield, due to its state-of-the-art facilities in the new Barbara Hepworth Building, its ability to prepare students for work with their countless industry contacts, and its ongoing drive to become a leading regional educational hub.

Huddersfield is surely a place to sculpt your future!


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