Being a newly qualified teacher during the Covid-19 pandemic 

by graduate Savannah Lunn


Savannah graduated from Primary and Early Years Education with QTS BA(Hons) in 2020 and is now in her first year of teaching at a primary school in Huddersfield. Here are some of her reflections on teaching children during the pandemic.


The reality of Covid 19 has seen millions of children forced into a position of home learning, without their teachers and friends physically around. The truth is that children thrive in the classroom. It’s the environment where they learn most. Remote learning has proved difficult for our children, parents and teachers. Amongst many persistent issues which arise daily, there is a constant battle with technology. This often fails both at home for our children and at school for us. This can become frustrating.


Some children do not have access to technology so automatically, the work load has increased for teachers, as we are having to provide it virtually and then physically in the form of paper and hand deliver this within our community. As a school, very promptly and resourcefully, we responded immediately to ensure that we still provide a broad and balanced curriculum and support home learning as effectively as possible.


I often find myself clock watching, preparing for the next live Zoom lesson as well as finding myself just sat behind a screen for most of the day. I feel unable to fulfil my dreams of teaching in a classroom and provide children with a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment. I had to somehow transfer those practical skills online. I know the children at home rely on me and need me to continue being the teacher they know. Some days are hard, but I’ve remained positive and highly enthusiastic with the children to continue encouraging and modelling motivation towards learning. 


Newly qualified teacher in classroom with puppet

“I know the children at home rely on me and need me to continue being the teacher they know.”

Savannah Lunn, Primary and Early Years Education with QTS BA(Hons)

People from the outside can often expect us teachers to be superheroes. I had to remind myself that I am only human. I arrive at school for 6am to set up provision for key worker and vulnerable children, and then set up my day for teaching online. My day flies by and some days I wish there was more time. I have been focusing on attempting to create a healthy work/life balance and ensure I have time to switch off.


Parents are finding this time extremely difficult and some turn to us to express their frustration and seek help and advice. Many parents are extremely grateful and express their appreciation towards our efforts with home learning.  


Despite the daily challenges of being a newly qualified teacher (NQT) during the pandemic, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills as a teacher. I am working harder than I ever thought I would be as an NQT, but I know the hard work will pay off. I can’t wait until all the children are back in school and I can teach them in the classroom again.


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