When I was researching universities I came across Huddersfield through family friends. They told me they had daughters studying here, and my first thought was: “If there’s two people studying there that I already know, then there must be something good about it!”

I booked my parents and I on an Open Day, and I knew as soon as I got here that this was the university for me. I'll explain why below.

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I had looked at other universities in Leeds and Sheffield but, honestly, they just didn’t have the same feel as Huddersfield.

I love how compact the University is (which is great for when you’re rushing to that 9am class!) and what stood out to me was how well-kept the grounds are.

At the Open Day, I felt that Huddersfield really cared about creating a clean, safe space for its students.

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Whilst at the Open Day, I was really drawn to how many students were on hand to help. I was also impressed at how informative the staff were and the authentic friendliness the University radiated.

I would really recommend that anyone considering Higher Education visits an Open Day because it can be a complete game-changer. I know it was for me. You can read about the same entry requirements that different universities have, but when you visit a university and get a genuine gut-feeling that it’s right for you, then you’ve got to go with it.  

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I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in psychology as I found a passion for it back in college, so it was pretty easy for me to decide that I wanted to do a straight Psychology degree.

At Open Day the teaching staff talked through the different course options during the subject talks so I had all the information I would need when selecting a course.

I was really lucky in already knowing a few family friends already studying at Huddersfield who were really enjoying it, but even if you don’t know anyone, you’ll always find other students who are happy to tell you about their course and their experiences at Open Day.

If you are thinking of studying at Huddersfield, then definitely go for it! If you’ve got that gut-feeling like I had, that’s your biggest sign.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of Huddersfield (like many universities) is moving the Open Day online, which will be on Saturday 17 October, Saturday 7 November and Saturday 5 December. Book online to avoid dissapointment and ask any questions you may have here.

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