Áine Gallagher

Creative media and production BA(Hons)

Hi! My name is Áine (pronounced 'Awn-Ya') and I’m in my first year studying Creative Media and Production at the University of Huddersfield.

What can the SU do for you?

At the University of Huddersfield there are many amazing aspects of the Students’ Union. One in particular is the various sports clubs and societies for you to choose from, and if you don’t see a society you like, create one!

One of my flatmates created a society recently and it was a super easy process. If approved the Students’ Union provides you with the funding you need for your society so you will not have to pay out of your own pocket.

Joining a society

One of the societies I have joined recently is Radio Hud, a University radio station ran by students for students. Back in Ireland I attended a university in Dublin for a year where I started my own show called ‘Talk Aine’ at its student radio station, it’s really nice that I can continue it here. For only £15 you get training in the studio with all the professional technology and your own show for the whole year! There is a lot of freedom to be creative in your timeslot you can host or co-host with a friend or two your own podcast or radio show, be the student union’s DJ or a mix of everything, it’s up to you! 


Another Society I joined is the Irish society, this society is managed by the International Office but run in close partnership with the Students' Union. I saw the society advertised on Instagram and was overjoyed. Being a student from Ireland, I loved that my home country was being represented and appreciated, I am now happily a member of the committee. Since we are only starting up, we haven’t had any events yet, but I am very excited for the future of our society.

Hud radio university radio station in the Huddersfield Students Union Radio Hud in all its glory.

I really recommend getting stuck into the Students’ Union societies and clubs as it’s a great place to meet people with similar interests. You never know where a society could lead you, joining a radio society was one of the best decisions I ever made as it helped me decide that in the future, I want to work in the creative media career sector.



I attended Welcome Week hosted by the Students’ Union which took place from the 18 September to 24 September 2023, it was so much fun and a great way to get to know the campus. On the first day we had the student fair which was held in the massive sports hall. The event had stalls for societies and sports clubs, and as you walked around you could join them, they also had little tasters of what that society or club would be like. The Art Society had a massive page and markers to draw anything you wanted. There was a lot of activities and events on in the hall, I spun a wheel and won a free Teddy.

One of my favourites moments from Welcome Week was the Vintage Clothing Sale, I found so many of my favourite items there and everything was fairly priced for students, it was an absolute bargain! I really recommend incoming students to attend as many events in Welcome Week as you can because it’s a great way to make connections, learn about the facilities of the University and get to know the various types of clubs and societies.

The Students' Union shop


The Students’ Union shop is great and so convenient, for such a small shop it has a lot to offer. The meal deals are amazing, such a good price and you can get a sandwich, a snack, and a drink all for £4. They also have merchandise for the University from notebooks to lanyards, clothing and more. I bought one of my favourite hoodies at the shop recently and I wear it all the time, its very cosy and has small pocket inside the big pouch, perfect for your student ID.

I personally recommend it in one sizer bigger so its oversized but that’s just my preference as I find that cosier!

Student Aine wearing a University of Huddersfield jumper Here is me chilling with my cat in my university hoodie, so cosy!


The Students' Union promote a lot of volunteering opportunities for students. One of these opportunities I saw and attended was a Tree planting event hosted by the Sustainability Team at the University. This took place during University Green Week in November.

A group of us went to a tree planting site in Berry Brow. We were given helpful instructions on the process and support on hand if we needed it! One of our University’s goals is to plant a tree for every student who attends the University. I believe this a beautiful idea and one I was very proud to take part in. 

university of huddersfield tree planting initiative

Without the amazing team in the Student Union, we wouldn’t have all these brilliant facilities to enjoy, and I am so glad I choose Huddersfield to study at.

They have so much helpful information on their website and brilliant support systems put in place from mental health, finance and more. I hope to see you around next year, best wishes!


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