What can you get involved with at University?

University work can be stressful; you don’t need me to tell you that. Sometimes we need to take the time to get involved with wider aspects of university that go beyond our textbooks and library sessions.

According to The Good Schools Guide, getting involved with things outside of our course can actually increase our productivity, skills, social-ability all whilst absorbing new interests and becoming more employable.

So, check out my blog post for my recommendations on how to get more involved with university. 

Sport Societies

Interested in staying fit, active all whilst meeting new people and potentially performing at local, national and international events?

Well, joining a sport society at university is the way forward.

Sports Team

As a current member of Huddersfield’s Cheerleading society, Hud Warriors, and previous competition-team participant, I’ve had the best days at university being involved with a sports society. Weekly practices and the necessity to be a member of a gym to maintain fitness did wonders for me from inside, to outside!

The social aspect of sports societies are pretty cool too, from weekly social nights-out with the team, fancy dress socials, sports mash-ups and of course varsity, joining a sport society is like joining a new family. You’ll meet people who will become your best buds at university and hopefully some lifelong friends!

Academic Societies

Ok, let’s talk employability. If you’re looking for your next step after university, whilst at university – joining an academic society could help you on your way. By joining an academic group, you’ll get the opportunity to meet like-minded students interested in the same sector as yourself all whilst building a better CV.

Blogs - Which university image

If you’re lucky enough to get a seat on the committee team, you’ll be able to build a better university campus. For example, earlier this year Huddersfield University’s Marketing Society (pictured above) were involved with organising an event on campus with The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Not only did this event attract over 40 small business-owners, students and lecturers across Huddersfield but most importantly, the event gave its members the crucial employability skills that they needed. 

But, joining an academic society isn’t all cv-marks and seriousness, it’s also a chance to socialise and take a real breather from your studies. Academic societies across campus have been known to host informal networking meetings, pub quizzes, treasure hunts as well as student nights out. With that all said and done, interested in joining an academic society? Click here to join through Student Union’s Website.

International Office Campus Events

Culture, culture, culture. Joining an international society is great for both international and domestic students. Being involved with the International Office Campus Events, is a great way to sample different cultures and traditions. Take the International Campus Tea Party event for instance, tonnes of societies gathered in Student Central to showcase their countries ‘tea’ and biscuits of choice.

Pakistan Society

The best thing about international societies is the fact that most of the events are free and hosted within lecture hours, so it’s pretty easy to pop along and get involved!

International event

Working and volunteering

Get an extra buck, and some headspace. Applying for a job on campus with Student Union or even a role similar to the Student Social Media Representative scheme is a great way to become involved with the behind-the-scenes aspect of university. And, it doesn’t have to be on campus, getting a part-time job off-campus in Huddersfield Town Centre is another easy way to get involved with university in regards to meeting fellow students as well as the locals!

Working and volunteering

I’ve worked pretty much for the entire length of university, (Four years – yes four) and I couldn’t have imagine not doing so. Personally, I also believe a big benefit of having a part-time job or volunteering is boosting your organisational skills – you have to find the time! (Beats being lazy).