For as long as I can remember I have always loved art especially taking photos, but it wasn’t until college that I really chose photography as a career plan. During my college years, I really fell in love with photography, which was a lot to do with my tutor who saw my talent and inspired me. As my course was ending I had to figure out what I was going to do after college, which was a very scary decision.

I had no idea what to do or that university was an option for me, so I spoke to both my Photography tutor and careers advisor. The next thing was to talk to my mum and dad, who supported me, then I was applying for university and going to Open Days.

I went to look at three universities which I applied for and had to decide between. I got to the interview stage and got a place at Huddersfield as well as another university.

St Pauls Hall with blue sky St Paul's Hall at the University of Huddersfield

My parents and I had a very long conversation which included writing a pros/cons list for each university. We thought about every aspect of university from the course itself, travel and how would I get to and from home, accommodation, the location itself.

Accommodation was simple it was basically the same companies and same prices for either university so that wasn’t a big deal. A big part of university is moving from home and I did want to move away, but at the same time if I was homesick not be too far away to visit for the weekend, so Huddersfield was a good choice for this as I can get home on the train in a couple of hours. I wanted somewhere with equal town to country life, which Huddersfield did very well for. I also love that Huddersfield has a theatre, as I am a big theatre-lover and have a need to see theatre productions regularly.

During the discussion with my parents we looked more into the courses and facilities themselves and how they were different. Both facilities were brilliant in their own way but Huddersfield stood out more, as the studios were better quality and Huddersfield had a few more studios than the other university, and for the fact Huddersfield was building the new Barbara Hepworth Building which included brand new studios and equipment and a darkroom for film photography (the darkroom will be built and open in the new year 2020).

This made a big impact on my decision as it was exciting to work in a new building, and during college I experimented with film a small amount so I was really looking forward to working with film.

As well as this new building, I really loved the staff at Huddersfield. At the Open Day, I spoke to the studio technicians Jamie and Simon. Richard Mulhern, who is the head of the art department, as well as other photography tutors, and I loved how kind and passionate about photography they were. They really made me less nervous and feel excited about coming here on the Open Day.

Barbara Hepworth photography studio

As well the tutors and facilities, Huddersfield offers the opportunity for a placement year which the other university didn’t. This was a big pro on my list as I still don’t know fully to which area of photography I would like to work in, so a placement year will help so much. Another big part of the course that made Huddersfield stand out was the extra experience I would get which enables you to demonstrate proficiency in Adobe digital skills.

The Student’s Union was also a big part of the Open Day as I was worried about making friends and wanted to join societies. Huddersfield stood out in this area and has a variety of societies and clubs like horse riding, which I was a part of last year, or the Harry Potter Society, art club or many other fun societies. It also has plenty of non-drinking events, which appealed to me.

If you have a love for photography, have some skills and want to work in the industry, I would say go ahead and try because the studios and staff are brilliant and so far I am loving it.

I’m currently half way through second year, and I love my course! The staff are lovely, the studio spaces are amazing and a lot of fun to experiment with. Jamie and Simon are brilliant technicians who know a lot and can help with any issues you have.


For more information about my course, please see: Photography BA(Hons)

The new Barbara Hepworth Building

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