Mechanical Design Engineering MSc graduate from Nigeria

My name is Anjolaoluwa and I studied Mechanical Design Engineering (MSc) at the University. I graduated from the course in 2021. Whilst at University, the careers service supported me to find an internship.

Applying to the University

I applied to study at Huddersfield from my home country of Nigeria. The Regional Office team in Nigeria were in touch as soon as I got an offer to study at Huddersfield, and they gave me useful information and guidance as well as clear steps to follow for things like my visa application. When I received my CAS letter to study at the University, the available dates for booking appointments at the visa application centres in Nigeria required a long wait, but the Regional Office notified me of an available appointment, and I was able to successfully secure an earlier date. The team were on hand to answer my many questions and queries.

My course covered a range of topics such as using Computer Aided Design for mechanical parts design and assembly in the engineering programme SolidWorks, as well as project management skills. I learnt about thermofluids and dynamics for materials and gained an in-depth understanding of structural analysis. I also learnt about vibration and its effect on structures, rail system study, new product development and modern vehicle systems such as electric vehicles.

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My internship with the Witt UK Group

In addition to my studies at the University, I had the opportunity to undertake an internship with the Witt UK group. This is a design, manufacturing and servicing company that specialises in smoke control and ventilation products and air movement solutions. My role was supporting with project handovers and assisting in completion of project designs in time to be delivered to the clients.

I started my internship with more simple tasks, which included revising existing drawings. I tried to familiarise myself with the equipment and systems the company used and I was given explanations on how the various systems worked. Gradually I was involved in bigger projects with the support of the senior design engineers and project managers. This involved producing electrical schematics - detailed drawings of equipment like pressure sensors, impulse fans, extract fans and control panels, together with their layout, and technical submissions, describing the operation of the systems provided.

I was able to learn certain standard practices relating to the role, as well as gain skills in time management. As a result of this internship, I have been offered a permanent role with the company, and I am excited to learn more and build on my experience.

I came across this internship opportunity by searching the University’s Careers Service job listings. I had subscribed to this for daily notifications to alert me to new job openings. The Careers Service assisted with my application, as I applied to the company through them, and they supported me with the overall job offer process. Initially, I was not sure I was qualified for the position, but the team helped me to tailor my application. At the time, I could only work part-time as I was working on my university project, however the team helped me secure an extension of my internship from the initial 8 weeks to 11 weeks; an extra 3 weeks in which I was also able to work on a full-time basis.

If you are a student considering applying for an internship, I would say it is a good learning curve and an opportunity to develop your skills. With an internship, I think there’s a little less of a fear of making mistakes and so you can look forward to learning from them. It also eases you into working life, giving you a feel for what to expect and to help you decide if whatever you work on is a good fit for you in the future.

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