Do you like to write, take photos or use social media?

The Social Media Rep Scheme might be for you!

The Social Media Rep Scheme is taking applications for 2020/21

The Student Reps (also called Social Media Representatives) are current students who help the University Marketing Team create great content for our social media platforms such as

Roles include

  • blog and forum writers
  • social media specialists
  • photographers
  • filmmakers
  • graphic designers
  • vloggers

As a Social Media Representative (SMR) you'll act as a role model and motivator to encourage prospective students to consider higher education. You'll be given the opportunity to share your own unique experiences including challenges and barriers you may have faced and overcome, as well as successes and achievements.

Why get involved?

Experience as an SMR is an excellent way of enhancing your CV. Many graduate employers look for evidence of extra-curricular activities and experience. You will also be paid for this work at the rate of £9 per hour (current rate as of August 2020).

What makes a great Social Media Rep?

  • Enthusiastic about Huddersfield and your course
  • Able to share your experience of student life
  • A good team player as well as able to work individually
  • Excellent at communicating
  • Positive and friendly
  • Excellent time management 

 If this sounds like you, please email your CV and examples of your work to Harriette on 

Meet our current Social Media Reps

Caitlin Thrower - 2019/20 SMR

Caitlin Thrower

Media and Popular Culture BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hey, I’m Caitlin and I’m a third year Media and Popular Culture student here at Huddersfield. I have a passion for writing; I run my own blog and write for the Uni’s student-led magazine. I’d also consider myself a film, TV and music buff.

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Emily Marshall - SMR Profile

Emily Marshall

Music Performance BMus(Hons) - Fourth Year

Hi - I’m Emily! I am a final year Music Performance student and I play the clarinet and saxophone. As well as music, I am interested in gymnastics, reading and travelling.

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Mollie Harvey SMR

Mollie Harvey

Physical Geography BSc(Hons) - Second Year

Hi, I'm Mollie. I am currently a second year Physical Geography student. I am interested in anything creative, animals and reading. I really look forward to sharing my uni experience with everyone.

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Profile picture of Sanjida Karim Prachee

Sanjida Karim Prachee

Hospitality Business Management BA(Hons) – Fourth Year

Hello, my name is Sanjida and I am an international student from Bangladesh. I am currently in my final year of Hospitality Business Management. I like to cook different cuisines each Friday night and enjoy a meal with my housemates.

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Tyriq Baker - SMR 2019/20

Tyriq Baker

Music BMus(Hons) – Third Year

Hello, my name is Tyriq, and I am a third year Music student. I play three instruments (Piano, Clarinet and Bassoon), and I am a music composer of classical music, electronic music, and pretty much anything that interests me.

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Job description

Do you love social media? Are you a writer, blogger, vlogger, videographer, photographer, graphic designer? This might be the job for you!


How to apply to become a Social Media Rep.