All of the articles found on this page are written by students during their time studying at the University of Huddersfield. They have now graduated but their articles are still relevant to existing and future students.

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Callum Pogson

In my spare time I'm an amateur cosplayer.


Fahmida Nisa

I love to spend a lazy day in the flat, with fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and Netflix.


Jahnae Gumbs

I've lived in five different regions in the UK, and that’s why I love moving around and meeting new people.


Molly Charnley

Molly is a graduate of Drama BA(hons). 


Munavar Harris

I love Castle Hill. Being able to see the whole town on top of it is a great unforgettable sight. I also love the town’s Victorian architecture.

Previous Student Reps

Profile picture of Anasur Rahman

Anasur Rahman

Logistics and Supply Chain Management BSc(Hons) – Fourth Year

Hi, my name is Anasur and I’m currently in my final year studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management on the Novus Trust Programme.

Profile picture of Gemma Flynn for her author bio

Gemma Flynn

Business and Marketing BA(Hons) - Second Year

What initially drew me to Huddersfield was the fact Sir Patrick Stewart is from here, being a huge Trekkie.

Profile picture of Kerri Wynter on placement.

Kerri Wynter

Music Journalism BA(Hons) – Third Year

I am a creative and outgoing person; with a love for attending concerts, eating vegan junk food and binge-watching Netflix.

Profile picture of Hannah Beighton for her author bio

Hannah Beighton

Midwifery Studies BSc(Hons) – First Year

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah. I’m currently a first-year student Midwife at University of Huddersfield… and loving every minute. I have lived in Huddersfield my whole life, so I know it like the back of my hand.

Profile picture of Michelle Lyons

Michelle Lyon

Graphic Design BA(Hons) – Second Year

Hello, I’m Michelle. I’m a second year Graphic Design student at the University of Huddersfield commuting from Greater Manchester. I love all things design related and always enjoy finding opportunities to create something - especially if it's a good challenge

Profile picture of Rachel Heap for her author bio

Rachel Heap

Psychology BSc(Hons) – Second Year

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m a second year Psychology student. I’m originally from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, but I’m living in Huddersfield for uni. I have a huge interest in Photography, with wildlife and nature being my favourite aspects.

Profile picture of Sarah Richards for her author bio

Sarah Richards

Graphic Design BA(Hons) – Third Year

Exploring is something that really helps me generate new ideas for projects and that’s something I think being in Huddersfield’s really great for, you’ve just got so many cool places to go in no time!

Profile picture of Abbi Senior

Abbi Senior

English Literature with Creative Writing BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hey, I’m Abbi. I’m a third year English student and President of the English and Creative Writing Society. I also sing in the University Chamber Choir and have a passion for writing and music.

SMR 2019/20 - Rhys Khan

Rhys Khan

Childhood Studies BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hi guys I’m Rhys. I’m a third year Childhood Studies student, and I’m also a Student Ambassador and course representative. I'm originally from Bradford, and enjoy traveling, gaming, trying new food and filming projects.

Lucy Boyd - SMR 2019/20

Lucy Boyd

Broadcast Journalism BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hi there, my name is Lucy! I’m currently in my final year studying Broadcast Journalism. I’m head of marketing and journalism for the Radio Hud society and have my own show which goes out online and in the SU.

SMR 2019/20 - Joseph Arnott

Joseph Arnott

Drama BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hello, I’m Joseph, I’m originally from Middlesbrough. I’m currently a third year Drama student at the University of Huddersfield. I have a keen interest for photography, singing and I always love to make people happy.

Profile picture of Jessie Addy

Jessie Addy

Architecture BA(Hons) – Third Year

Hi I’m Jessie. I am in my final year of my Architecture degree at Huddersfield. I am an international student originally from Ghana, West Africa.

Picture of Victoria Gamolova a postgraduate blogger

Victoria Gamolova

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA

In my spare time I love to read fantasy books and mythologies from around the world, play board and video games and participate in LARP (Live Action Role Play) events!

Profile picture of Abigail McAlpine a researcher in Cyber Security

Abigail McAlpine

Cyber Security PHD with the Secure Societies Institute

In my spare time I freelance in marketing and content creation. Things I like about the University of Huddersfield include the international community and support I have from the rest of the Cyber Security team.

SMR 2019/20 - Samantha Oxby

Samantha Oxby

Photography BA(Hons) – Second Year

Hi, I'm Samantha, a second year Photography student. I have my own blog, I love to write short stories, baking recipes and content about my dyslexia and Mearles Irlens, as I love to educate people about this.

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