What I love most about Huddersfield is that everything is close by and within walking distance, this is perfect for students who need to do a spot of shopping whilst also chasing that deadline!

It’s a great place for introverts as well as extroverts – although a town can be considered small it’s really quite the opposite. Huddersfield thrives off student energy, which can be captured in a number of bars/nightclubs and events, but if this isn’t much to your taste, there are a wide range of independent shops, quiet spaces such as the Art Gallery and Library, as well as parks for a more peaceful atmosphere.

It’s compact, but you can still spread your wings – having moved here for University this was a big change which I didn’t know would make or break me, but having walked around the town and seeing myself encompassed by the scenery, I feel safe, but it also gives me the drive to extend further, which is a great feeling for self-development.


I enjoy exploring the lesser known places in Huddersfield. I came across Hinchliffe’s Farm Shop online when I was looking for places to photograph, this is lesser known as it’s not in the town centre. Only a 15 minute bus ride on the 324 though, this place grabbed my attention with the fact that it said it was ‘Britain’s Oldest Farm Shop’ (and being as nosey as I am I had to go investigate). Although small, its lovely to escape the busy town and just spend an hour or so off your phone and completely immerse yourself in the countryside. Along with its own range of homemade jam, butchers and ice cream stand, this shop is a really good way to explore and let your mind wander, and the best part, getting to see the cutest baby goats imaginable!


Some of my favourite places to photograph in Huddersfield have to be the scenery from the likes of Castle Hill and Greenhead Park.

Ever wanted to feel like you’re on top of the world? Castle Hill, an ancient monument site that dates back 4,000 years, provides the most incredible views as far as your eye can see! Greenhead Park is also a great place for either just sitting back and enjoying the environment or if you’re more of an active person, the park offers a wide range of facilities from a skate park to tennis courts to a number of different play areas (because we’re all big kids at heart secretly!).

But for me, personally being into wildlife and nature photography, I couldn’t ask for anything more than a big lake full of ducks and swans which is easily accessible to get the perfect angles (as well as occasionally trying to creep up on a squirrel for the perfect shot!).

Greenhead Park

Although a coffee shop seems like a typical student thing (which it is, how else do you expect us to find the energy for our 9am starts?), coffee shops are special to me because of the warm and cosy atmosphere.

If you want a catch up with friends? Coffee shop. If you need a place to rest and digest? Coffee shop. If you need a space to escape the winter winds with a hot chocolate? Coffee shop! It’s just the answer to everything!

Coffee Shop Cup

As much as the University is the obvious place to study its genuinely does it do its best for its 20,000 students, for example, from what seems to be an endless supply of computers, having the library open 24/7 and create a huge importance around the Student’s Union, the University do go the extra mile where I think a lot of other Universities wouldn’t.

Library IT Facilities

If you haven’t heard of ‘Spoons’ then where have you been?! Wetherspoons is the go-to place for students with its cheap and cheerful pub-grub, and it’s a good job we’ve got two not even 10 minutes away from each other! Huddersfield really know what their students want…

And for a night out? Whether you want an ‘out out’ kind of night or just a casual drink (which let’s be honest, will eventually turn into an out out kind of night).

Huddersfield provides a great range of bars and clubs from Roxy Ball Room to the more popular locations of Camel Club and Tokyos, and with drinks cheaper on Wednesdays due to ‘Student Night’, it’s the perfect solution to get over those hump-day blues…

I’ve recently had the confidence to try some extra-curricular activities within the University.

This is special to me, as I can normally be timid person and never ever spontaneous. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and just going for things without the element of competition or judgement is something I’ve not had much experience of and I think by continuing with these activities will help me become a better person.

So why come study here? What really stands out to me is that the town and the University seem to go above and beyond for their students, in turn, the students provide such a flourishing atmosphere for Huddersfield to grow, expand, and move with the changing times; I don’t know any other place where the students and the town work so well together.


Photo credit - (top image – Greenhead Park) - Munavar Harris

Images in blog – Rachel Heap